Why I went From Only Selling Dream Homes, to Also Helping Create Dream Lifestyles

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Do you make enough money to make ends meet?

Does that sentence alone make you cringe? Trust me; I know the feeling a little too well. I grew up having to learn how to hustle from a young age. With a single-parent household, money was always tight, and bills were always high.

My dream as a child was to have a home, the type of place where I could mark my height on the wall like they do in the movies. Instead, most of my childhood consisted of either staying with extended family or moving to another place that was cheaper than the last.

But what’s heartbreaking is just how many people are having to go through that—living off the bare minimum and giving up everything nice to cover the necessities, worrying about the next financial setback.

Worst of all, it’s a vicious, generational cycle that is unwillingly passed down.  

Why do this?

No person deserves to be there; better yet, no person truly has to be. All you need is a little courage, a lot of perseverance, and all the right know-how. The last one is where most people go wrong; I sure did. But as Fitzgerald said,

“Never confuse a single defeat with your final defeat.”

That’s how this all started.

  1. Motivated by the fact that life is way too short to live tirelessly working the 9 – 5+; grinding yourself to the bone, having no time to do the things you love.
  2. Motivated by wanting my family to live a better life, a debt-free life with decent meals, education, and health care. 
  3. Motivated to lead a life I love, where I could afford all the bare necessities, a few extra nice dinners, some holidays, and a nice little wall to mark my child’s height on.

That’s when I decided to flip my script.

I decided to go into an industry that I knew would pay my bills and let me live the life I wanted. An industry that helps people find others’ dream homes. That industry is Real estate. After several years in the industry, I made all the rookie mistakes and more, allowing me to cultivate enough wisdom to become a leader in the field. 

Which finally allowed me to prosper financially, my family life to thrive, and my overall lifestyle to become more abundant.

After many years of traveling on a personal journey to achieve financial freedom, I wanted to support others on that same journey. That’s how The Lifestyle Investor was born.

Going from super tight budgets all the way to financial freedom taught me a lot about the real estate industry and even more about the lifestyles people lead. It made me inspired to help others transform their lives for the better too. 

Not to mention, with each person you help, not only does it make their life better, it makes their family and kids’ lives better too.

Do you know what is truly priceless? Feeling like you are doing good in the world.

So I went from only helping people find their dream homes,
to also helping them design their dream life.

Because from all my years, I’ve learned one thing―in the world we live in today, with the right mindset and skills, anyone can achieve financial freedom. Whether you think it is possible or not, knowledge is power, and opportunity is everywhere. You just need to learn how to find it—and believe that you are capable. Well, belief is reasonable, but you will need to be rich in perseverance too.

As Confucious once said, “to move a mountain, you must start by moving the small stones first.” Which is the same mindset you need to change your lifestyle from just surviving to thriving.

You can achieve financial freedom with the proper knowledge.
I have collected a ton of wisdom and experience over the years to learn how to make the most abundant choices in the real estate industry. Because I’ve made all the mistakes in the book and more, I know precisely the right path and advice to give beginners in the industry.

That’s why I’ve decided to help people in similar situations find the financial freedom they have been longing for and help them break the generational cycles of poverty so that they can live their dream life.

Because trust me, it is achievable—if I can do it, you can too!

I created The Beginner Investor: A Simple Guide to Real Estate Investing With Little or No Money Down, full of insider knowledge and step-by-step advice—to help you ultimately achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. Because take it from me, I know a thing or two about ‘rags to riches’ stories.

“A wise [wo]man will make more opportunities than [s]he finds.”

― Francis Bacon.

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Stephanie is truly passionate about educating, inspiring and helping others achieve their dream lifestyle. Because of her professionalism, expertise and genuineness, Stephanie is sought out by first-time homebuyers, business professionals, homeowners interested in selling their properties, and seasoned investors to represent them in their future real estate endeavors.